Summer & Winter in Terenten in the Puster valley


In summer there’s a large range of hiking options and places to visit in Terenten in the Puster valley.

Müller Mill Earth Pyramids of Terenten Terner Stream Church of St. Margareth

Mill nature trail and earth pyramids
There are seven grain mills, some of which are up to 500 years old, on the hike in Terenten along the mill nature trail. During the summer months one of the mills is open for visitors every Monday between 10 AM and 2 PM.
Between the Tolden and Hansen mills on the other side of the Terner stream, are the earth pyramids of Terenten. Having come about as the result of a fierce storm in 1837, today they are seen as natural monuments.

Tiefrasten and Komfoss Lakes
The Tiefrasten and Komfoss lakes in Puster valley are certainly worth a hike. The Tiefrasten lake lies at 2,310 above sea level. Next to the lake is the Tiefrasten hut which is operated by the AVS (South Tyrol Alpine Club). It is surrounded by the summits of the Graunock group, the Grubbach peak, the Kemp and the Gamsburg.
The Kompfoss lake lies at 2,441 m above sea level at the base of the Kompfoss peak.
Fables are told about how these lakes came into existence. The story about Tiefrasten lake tells how, long ago, where the lake is now were the cabins of the miners who dug for precious stones, gold and silver for the dwarf Mute. One day they found a large beautiful crystal and decided to keep it for themselves and to share the proceeds from its sale. But Mute found out about this plan and conjured up a storm and had the miners and their cabins submerged in the water welling up from the ground. And that’s how the Tiefrasten lake came about.

St. George parish church
In the centre of the village is the parish church of Terenten. It is dedicated to St. George, revered as the patron saint of weather and protector of domestic animals from diseases. The church was first mentioned in records in 1334 but it there was probably a building there long before. Rebuilt in 1848 to 1850 in a neo-romantic style, the church has hardly changed at all since then.

Playground in the Village Center St. George Parish Church The "Osn" Saw The Minigolf Course of Terenten

St. Margareth
Within walking distance of our hotel, is the late-Gothic church of St. Margareth, on the outer wall of which is a fresco of Saint Christopher. The Church was first mentioned in 1304, the tower probably dates back to the 14th century.

St. Zeno
The construction of St. Zeno goes back to Roman times. The tower was then built in 1794/95. In 1770, the church was restored and the interior decorated with paintings by the Baroque painter Johann Mitterwurzer.

The "Osn" saw
The "Osn" saw was built in 1960 by Georg Mair and is located just a few metres from St. Margareth’s church. The saw is powered by two electric motors. It is possible to cut tree trunks up to 50 cm thick with it. Today, it is used for show purposes.

Playground and water-treading pool
South of the parish church, there is a large playground with slides, swings, a volleyball court and many other attractions for children. In addition, there is a Kneipp facility.

Biotop Pirchner Moos
The biotope is located at 1,300 m above sea level. The biotope is characterised by two different vegetation areas. The marshland provides habitat for a variety of different species of animals and plants.


The T-bar lift in Terento is especially suitable for beginners. There is also a ski school there and ski rental facilities. Night skiing is also on offer twice a week in Terento, in the Pustertal valley. In addition, there is also a daily ski bus to Kronplatz.
You can also go sledging in the village centre or on Pertinger Alm.
In the village centre, there is also an ice rink and a 7 km long cross-country ski trail.
Snow-shoe hikes can also be arranged.